Best time of year to visit Sydney

The vastness of Australia means it is important to time your visit to Sydney. The city is known for its sand-bathed beaches, landmarks such as the Opera House, and glittering harbour, but when is the best time to experience all of this? How do you decide given things such as the weather, what is happening around the city, and your own itinerary? Keep reading to find out what we at I’m Free Tours recommend!

Chances are you have stumbled upon this article as you are researching when is the best time of year to visit Sydney. A big trip ‘Down Under’ is never complete without a picture of you in Sydney, the crown jewel of the country (no bias at all!). In that case, an important question to ask yourself is when is the best time to visit Sydney?


Whenever I consider the best time to visit a place, I always ask myself the following:

  • When is the best weather?
  • What are the activities I want to do or the places I want to visit, and when is the best time to do these activities or see these places?
  • How much time do I have (and am I going somewhere else)?


When is the best weather in Sydney?

Unlike trips to Europe or the United States of America, when travelling to Sydney you do not have to plan around snowstorms, blizzards, or the miserable rain. Sydney is rather beautiful all year round! The city is blessed with comfortable temperatures between 10oC (50oF) and 40oC (104oF). As such, the weather will never be an issue unless you struggle in the heat given the Summer months consistently saddle around the 30oC-40oC range. In saying that, Summer is one of, if not the, best time to visit Sydney as the city has earlier sunrises and later sunsets and less chance of rain, giving you the best opportunity to sightsee. I’m Free’s tip: go North in Winter, while South in Summer!

Man kayaking in Sydney Harbour during sunset

What are the activities I want to do or the places I want to visit, and when is the best time to do these activities or see these places?

If you are willing and able to drive around, Spring and Summer are the best times to visit Sydney. You can go to the Blue Mountains in the west where you can see the Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls, and Lincoln Rock. Towards the north in the Central Coast, Sydney has the beautiful Lake Tuggerah as well as the famous wine region of the Hunter Valley. Moreover, to the South, there are the beautiful coastal towns of Wollongong, Kiama, and Moruya. You should be aware that the National Parks surrounding Sydney are prone to bush- or wild-fires, so please always plan in advance and follow RFS advice.


Even if staying near the CBD is your only option, I still think the best time to visit Sydney are Spring and Summer. It is the best time to see the iconic Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. You can also make the most of the extra daylight to do one of Sydney’s famous coastal walks (e.g., Bondi to Coogee and Bradley’s Head to Chowder Bay). For those who prefer the built environment, Sydney during these months allows for a ‘hot’ Christmas, Boxing Day Sales, and the spectacular NYE fireworks.

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How much time do I have? Am I going anywhere else?

Whether you have lots of time or just a little bit, I think Summer is the best time to visit Sydney as you can pack more into your days given daylight savings. Tourists often visit Sydney before or after the many sporting events across Australia that occur during the Summer months, such as the Australian Open (i.e. tennis) in Melbourne, which is generally held from mid- to late-January.


While you are in Sydney, and especially if you have limited time, we recommend checking out I’m Free tours, where your local guides take you around the best city in the world in the rain, hail, or sunshine. You can try our Sydney Sights Tour during the day or the Rocks tour during the night!


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