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Explore three of Australasia’s best cities on a free tour with your friendly and knowledgeable local tour guides.

Experience the culture and lifestyle as we delve into the history, stories and culture to ensure that you get the best out of your stay in Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland.

We are all local guides keen to show you around our hometown.
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Free Tour Community

We are a member of the Free Tour Community, a global group of independent local organisations operating free, pay what you feel tours. Check out the link to find us in over 80 cities around the world.

The Free Tour concept

We love the Free Tour concept. For for many people it’s a new idea, so we’ve answered some common questions.

Free tours are an accessible way to get a great local introduction to a city. They are offered for free, allowing you the ability to turn up, meet your knowledgeable guide and get to know the history and culture of a city without the commitment of upfront payment.

Free Tours allow all those who attend the ability to decide what they thought their service was worth. This encourages your trained local guide, whose job it is to show you the magic of their city, to offer everyone the best service every time. 

Free Tours have developed over the past 20 years as a way to offer tours of cities in a way that is more accessible to people, no matter their budget or circumstances.

The beauty of the free tour guide is, they have lots of practice. They know your questions inside and out and because there’s no upfront fee, you get to decide what to leave the guide. In a nutshell, Free Tour Guides know they have to impress you, so their tours are designed to be memorable, entertaining explorations of a city.

Some companies have gone that way, because they feel it better describes the concept. However, we feel the term free tour is more recognisable and representative of the freedom that free tours offer.

We at I’m Free Walking Tours are all locals to our cities and go through an extensive learning and interview process before guiding. Secondly, all our recommendations are honest and independent and we work continuously to improve our tours and share with you the best sights, culture and history that our city has to offer.

We don’t like to specify as we want to make sure everyone can have a great experience in Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland no matter their budget. 

We require bookings so that we can manage numbers and staffing. You can book online for a Sydney Tour, Melbourne Tour or Auckland Tour.


Some companies allow you to turn up without reservation, but most across the world require pre-booking to help manage numbers and guide availability, so check with each company directly.


Just remember to avoid unnecessary charges for you or your free tour guide, register directly with the free tour company of your choice rather than guruwalk, freetour.com or other similar booking engines. If you want a great list of independent companies across the world, have a look at freetourcommunity.com.