About Us

We are fun fact finders craft brewery lovers history experts

Our Story

It all started in Europe, when Ross and Justine
Were travelling and touring all the sites to be seen

They thought, “We did free tours in Paris and Rome –
So why don’t we have free walking tours back home?!”

Inspired, they created I’m Free Tours to provide
An authentic tour experience with unbiased local guides

Then the word got out about these free tours with flair
And they expanded to Melbourne with more to share

Soon they built up a family of guides, all bright
With their own unique interests, passions and insight

With a global pandemic we shrank to just a few

And Justine left to work on the city anew 

As we regrew, we received an interesting pitch

And we’re now also walking across the ditch

Meet us

Before you join us in real life.


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Science (Melb Uni)

Masters of Engineering (Macq Uni)

I’m currently studying and love the diversity of sport, food and art that Melbourne has to offer.

In my spare time I run a YouTube channel with my brother where we discuss Australian football, FootyA2Z.

I started touring with I’m Free after living in Europe for 6 months and loving all the history and insights I experienced over there.


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Media (Monash Uni)

I started touring with I’m Free in 2017 and it’s been the dream job I never knew existed! I get so much joy from sharing interesting stories and showing off Melbourne to people from all over the world.

I also play in a local band called Barefoot Bowls Club and am a self proclaimed live music expert. 


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Performing Arts & Bachelor of Music (Monash Uni)

Music. Theatre. History. Food. Drink: Five of my favourite things. My reason for becoming a tour guide is to showcase these fundamental pillars of Melbourne to our visitors far and wide.

Like how South Africa and Belgium each have their Big Five, I’m guiding people to help them discover Melbourne’s Big Five*.


*P.S. I know Melbourne does a lot more than those five e.g. Sport, Architecture, Street Art, Wildlife, Shopping, etc. but you’ve gotta specialise.


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) (Swinburne Uni)

I’ve been a guide with I’m Free Tours for 5 years, and am passionate about all things Melbourne, especially sport. Also fond of a good joke, so if you have a good one, please share it. I can’t guarantee it won’t end up in my tour though.


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Science (Melb Uni) 

Masters of Engineering (RMIT) – current

I am a local Melbournian and I started touring so I could find every secret bar, cafe, restaurant and street art down Melbourne’s many laneways. I love getting lost in Melbourne and exploring new places every day.


Melbourne Sights

Bachelor of Arts (Geography & Literature) (Melb Uni) – current

I started tour guiding after having lived and traveled in Europe and South America. I love intercultural exchange and welcoming newcomers to our city. 

When my head is not stuck in the books, I enjoy getting outdoors. I’m an avid bushwalker and love taking day trips to regional Victoria.


I also really love exploring Melbourne, its cafes, its live music as well as enjoying the simple things in life like picnicking in Melbourne’s parks on its warmer sunny days.


Melbourne Sights

Musician & Bachelor of Arts (Film & TV) (Swinburne Uni)

I love performing and sharing my city in any way possible. When I’m not a tour guide, you’ll find me on stage at a gig with my band Parkville.


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Global Studies (Monash Uni) 

I have a passion for musical theatre and languages (come chat with me in German, Spanish, Dutch or Arabic!). I’ve been to over fifty countries and fell in love with the free walking tour model after my first tour in Copenhagen five years ago.

I’d love to give you an insight into Melbourne’s theatre scene, as well as the amazing array of food and drink on offer.


Melbourne Sights & Culture Capital

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Law (Monash Uni) 

I became a tour guide after moving back to Melbourne after some time living in the outback and have found that the more I learn about the city, the more I love showing it off to other people.

As well as being in Melbourne and all things sport, music and food, I enjoy history and love meeting lots of new people every day I come in to work.


I’m also passionate about Indigenous history, craft beer, politics, camping, hummus, brewing beer and where ever possible brewing beer whilst camping and eating hummus.