About Us

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Our Story

It all started in Europe, when Ross and Justine
Were travelling and touring all the sites to be seen

They thought, “We did free tours in Paris and Rome –
So why don’t we have free walking tours back home?!”

Inspired, they created I’m Free Tours to provide
An authentic tour experience with unbiased local guides

Then the word got out about these free tours with flair
And they expanded to Melbourne with more knowledge to share

Soon they built up a family of guides, all bright
With their own unique interests, passions and insight

With a global pandemic we shrank to just a few

And Justine left to work on the city anew 

As we regrew, we received an interesting pitch

And we’re now also walking across the ditch

Meet us

Before you join us in real life.


Auckland Sights

To be completed

I am a work in progress. 

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