Where should I stay in Melbourne?

With so many options, it can be tricky to know where to stay during your time in Melbourne. We’ll help you narrow the choice down to a few options, saving you time!

Sydney to Blue Mountains Day Trip

Close up photo of the Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

The vastness of the Blue Mountains and the plethora of sight-seeing experiences and immersive activities means it is crucial to plan your day trip. This article summarises what you need to know, including how to travel there (public transport, bus tour, or car), what to do once in the Blue Mountains, and when to journey out to this breathtaking part of New South Wales, Australia.

Whale watching in Sydney

Sydney offers several ways for you to observe whales in all their majesty. Whales can be seen while cruising, but armed with the right information and resources, whale watching is entirely possible on your own! Their migration along Australia’s East Coast occurs for six- to seven-months of the year, with June and July being the best months. We also recommend adding this activity to day trips from Sydney, especially those to the Royal National Park.

The seven best day trips in the Royal National Park

Royal National Park's Wedding Cake Rock lookout

National parks have become a staple of any world-famous city. Sydney is no different, and home to the 2nd oldest one in the world! To help Sydneysiders and visitors alike explore the Royal National Park by car, foot, or public transport, I’m Free Tours has compiled a list of our favourite explorations, all of which can be done in a day.

One day in Sydney itinerary

Sydney skyline at dusk from Darling Harbour

So, you only have 24 hours in Sydney? Feeling overwhelmed by your choices and not sure how to structure your one day in Sydney itinerary? We get it, it is a big city and there is a lot to explore. But lucky for you, I’m Free Tours is here to share our itinerary for the ultimate day in Sydney. The best part is it is totally adaptable to your personal interests. Let the ‘choose your own adventure’ of Sydney begin!

Top ‘local’ things to do in Sydney

View of south head of Sydney at dusk

What are the best free and paid events and attractions in Sydney? We at I’m Free Tours have written this guide so you can make the most of your time in Sydney!

Safely reconnecting with your city: Sydney

One thing about Aussies is that we are a very well travelled bunch. You could be in rural China and still not be surprised to see another of your countrymen there. However, I think if we’re honest with ourselves; one place we shamefully neglect to explore is our own backyard. Not only have we not explored all the wonders of our country we often haven’t even dug into the nitty gritty of our own city. Most of us just assume we know it all and have seen it all. But really, in saying that, we’re not giving our cities the credit they deserve, especially if we are talking about a place like Sydney.

Bondi vs. Manly beach

Couple looking over Bronte Beach Sydney during sunset

Bondi vs. Manly Beach: it is the age-old debate amongst Sydneysiders and the question to which every traveller longs to know the answer. If you have been asking yourself: is Bondi Beach worth visiting? Is Manly Beach worth it? Well, you are in luck! I’m Free Walking Tours is here to break down what you can expect from each iconic coastal location.

Best time of year to visit Sydney

Aerial shot of Circular Quay incl. Opera House

The vastness of Australia means it is important to time your visit to Sydney. The city is known for its sand-bathed beaches, landmarks such as the Opera House, and glittering harbour, but when is the best time to experience all of this? How do you decide given things such as the weather, what is happening around the city, and your own itinerary? Keep reading to find out what we at I’m Free Tours recommend!

Where to see Koalas and Kangaroos in Sydney

An extremely common question I’m Free guides get asked on our walking tours is how to meet and greet kangaroos and koalas during a visit to Sydney. How to see these famous Australian native animals is trickier than probably thought, especially given the plethora of photos of Hollywood stars snuggled up against them. This article aims to dispel any myths and guide you along your own experience whilst staying in Sydney.

A Guide to Melbourne’s AFL Clubs

As the birthplace of the sport, Melbourne is home to 9 professional Australian Rules Football teams. This article gives you an introduction to help you choose a game to see or find a team to support.

How to Watch an AFL Game in Melbourne

Sport is a huge part of Melbourne’s culture. By far the city’s most loved game is Australian Rules Football. This article gives you everything you need to know to watch an AFL game.

Melbourne month by month: a guide to events and festivals.

crowd of people standing in front of the main stage at St Kilda festival

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Whale Watching in Sydney

Whales can be seen along Australia’s eastern coastline during a large section of the year, from May to as late as November.